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When do I use the Bulk Price Update function?
When do I use the Bulk Price Update function?

Read on for some tips on when the Bulk Price Update may be your best bet.

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Why update prices in bulk?

At Pace we're all about dynamic pricing and automation. However, sometimes you might know something that the system doesn't, so we wanted to give you an option to take the wheel for a moment and be able to make changes across multiple accommodation types and nights of stay at once. Enter the Bulk Price Update.

When to use the Bulk Price Update?

We recommend using this when you wish to change the starting price of multiple nights and inventories. A great example would be the starting price for:

  • If you are making a significant change in pricing strategy;

  • The first weeks of a new property opening;

  • A one-off event coming up in several months;

  • Nights outside the 365-day optimisation window that you have not set a starting price for via your PMS.

Rest assured that any instances, such as a one-off event, which drive your demand up in any unusual way will be optimised for. The purpose of the Bulk Price Update function is just to give you a way to make mass changes where you see fit.

How it works

  1. Navigate to the Bulk Price Update button via the three dots on the upper right hand side next to the Property drop down field.

  2. Next, select the dates that you wish to make the update for, the days of the week that the changes will apply to within this period, as well as the relevant inventory types.

  3. You can add the updated starting price in the New Price column.

  4. Don't forget to hit the Update button to save your changes.

NB: Making a Bulk Price Update will always override any active Price Freezes.

To avoid any issues, either exclude any nights with a price freeze from the Bulk Price Update, or once done, double-check the pricing for those dates to make sure the price is correct.

As always, reach out to the team in case you have any questions.

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