Managing your Price Controls

Learn how to create min/max price settings for different days of the week.

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For any future night and inventory type, we allow you to configure strategic controls that influence how high or low we will price when running on Automation πŸš€ This will not only ensure that your recommendations always consider your overarching strategic pricing strategy - but also to push you to your desired price level in case you made a manual pricing mistake.

What types of Price Controls exist?

In the platform we have three different types of price controls that can be created:

  1. Default Price Settings
    Specify the min & max price for each of your inventory type for each day of the week (e.g. specify different min/max prices for a Tuesday vs a Friday).

  2. Seasonal Price Settings
    Create an additional set of seasonal price settings to configure the seasonal component of your yearly pricing strategy.

  3. Event Price Settings
    In case you are aware of any events, you can create event-specific price settings which help you to keep track of event days and give the app additional insights into how you want to price events.

  4. Property Closure

    Making use of this function during times of physical closure of the property (Covid-19 lockdowns are a great example of this!) will make sure our pricing engine understands that the data it sees' for this period, is due to the property physically being closed. Other examples could be refurbishments, natural disasters etc.

How to create new Price Settings

  1. Navigate to the Calendar πŸ—“ feature on the left-hand side control panel in the platform

  2. Use the 3 dots if you are wanting to change your Default Price Controls

  3. Or simply click on "Create New" for all other options (Seasons, Events, Property Closure) choose your setting type, a title, the date range and the min & max prices as well as any other added details you would like.

But wait, there's more!

While manoeuvring through your pricing calendar, you can also quickly and easily view your price settings, editing them in real-time, without having to be in the feature itself!

Tips & Tricks

  • To create a new seasonal or event price setting, you can simply click on the 3 dots in your pricing calendar.

  • For existing seasons or events, you can edit these directly in the pricing calendar by simply hovering over that date and editing or deleting the desired price setting!

  • If you have multiple days of the week in a setting which should be the same, make use of the copy & paste buttons to quickly populate the relevant fields.

  • For events which repeat on annual basis you can replicate existing settings. To do so, open the existing Setting and use the duplicate button.

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