Creating and Managing Users

How to create a new user, or manage existing ones.

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Creating new users and managing existing ones is very straight-forward. You can do this directly in the app, and there is no limit on the number of Admin or User accounts you can add. Just go to the Configuration tab here:

Inviting a New User

Click on the Team Management Tab, here you can see the Activated vs Deactivated users by clicking on the respective sub-tab.
Once you are ready to invite a new user, just go to the "invite user" tab on the right:

Then select their level of access:

  • Admin - grants access to all properties and can invite new users.

  • User - grants access only to the specified properties and cannot invite new users.

Important to note 🚨 - email addresses for logins are case sensitive, meaning that if a letter is upper case (S) as opposed to lower case (s) the login will not work when the user attempts - Examples below


NOT Correct: [email protected]

You can also define if a user should have access to specific properties or not, and if they should have view only rights or not.

View Only does not allow the user to change anything, only view the data on display

Full access just means the user can push rates and make changes to the setup

Once you send the invite, the user will receive a welcome email and in a few short steps they now have access to Flyr!

Managing Existing Users

You can always see the last login dates for any user configured for FLYR for Hospitality. On top of that you can also change the access levels e.g. Admin --> User or Full Access --> View-Only Access or No Access.

Note: It is always a good practice to disable a user if they have left the company!

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