What is Segmentation?

If you ever wonder who the majority of your customers are, segmentation analytics will allow you to find out just that. Setting up your segmentation is crucial if you wish to differentiate amongst the different customer profiles of your property.

Segmentation is set up through the PMS. This is a part of the information we receive for each confirmed booking so we can enable you to understand your data better.

Tracking KPIs by Segment

In the Property tab, the segmentation module displays your core KPIs, for the day or month you selected, broken down by segment.

If the data is available, you can also track how current performance compares to LY and STLY.

Segment Analytics

Navigate to Settings ➡️ Segment Settings. Above the chart to the right, select Segment Analytics and pick the relevant time frame you wish to explore.

Here you can see data on the total room nights, split by segment.

A deeper dive

If you are interested to find out more about your segmentation, ask our support team about Pace Analytics. With it, you can get access to insights like:

  • The times of the day when you receive the most bookings from a specific segment;

  • How active your segments are across the different channels;

  • The most popular room types for each segment.

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