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Working with PMS & FLYR
Working with PMS & FLYR

Ever asked these questions about the integrations?

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How much data does Flyr pull?

As much as you have! We will receive all relevant data available from your PMS.

If you recently switched PMS but want to be able to see historic data and still have access to your old system we can help. Get in touch for more details on the data format requirements.

What type of data does Flyr pull?

We pull in the reservations information to understand lead time, room type, rate and any changes to the reservations. We also pull in available rooms per day and work out our metrics calculations based on that.

We do NOT pull in any guest related information such as names, personal information or credit cards, so we are fully GDRP compliant.

Any nuance I should be aware? 

Few things that we have been asked before! 

  1. Revenue reporting:  As you work with your PMS and FLYR, you will notice that we match our revenues to the net accommodation revenue. So revenue data displayed on the Property page does not include things like service charges, product revenue or tax. 

  2.  Occupancy calculation: Our occupancy is calculated against the available inventory rather than the total capacity and so may differ to how your PMS reports it.

    Here is some more detail on how we calculate this:

    Available Inventory = Total Units – OOO Units

    Occupancy % = (Units Sold + Complimentary Units) / Available Inventory x 100

  3. Group Handling: in Flyr, we report inventory based on deducted inventory (confirmed bookings), not optional/non-deduct level.  

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