How to read the Portfolio Dashboard?

All the key metrics in one dashboard!

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What is the Portfolio Dashboard?

The Portfolio Dashboard is the first page you see when logging in to FLYR for Hospitality.
Here you can quickly establish how your properties are performing as a group or individually in terms of Revenue, Occupancy, RevPAR and ADR. You can even select the currency you wish to report in (top right).

Note: Please also keep in mind the default setting is on entire portfolio, so if you wish to look at specific properties, you need to select them first.
All displayed figures are true as of the last data update (refreshed once every hour) and all revenue-related metrics are based on the Net Accommodation revenues.

Additionally, FLYR gives you a snapshot of the pickup when you scroll further down.
It breaks it down into Today, Yesterday, Three days ago and Seven days ago.

It also provides you a summary of price changes in terms of rates pushed from FLYR for Hospitality, rates pushed/updated from the PMS (bad practice!) and how many of the FLYR recommended rates were accepted or overridden. Not only that, but it also shows you how many properties from your group are on automation.

Monthly Indicators

The stacked cards to the left display the property's monthly figures, and how they compare in percentage to the Same Time Last Year (STLY) figures, and to the month end figures from the previous year.

Monthly & Daily Overview

  1. Make sure you choose the property you wish to look at first, as otherwise it will always default to the whole portfolio.

  2. Select the metric you wish to look at, and the page will update the figures accordingly.

  3. Make sure to select the period you wish to focus on as well, e.g. Month to Date or Year to Date or This Month or This Year.

You can also toggle between Day, Week, Month and Year view by selecting either from the button above the main chart to the right.

This graph allows you to easily compare the results in terms of Revenue, Occupancy, RevPAR and ADR against Last Year and STLY as well as against forecast and Budget.

Add Your Budget

You can also add your own revenue budget to the main chart, so you can track at a glance how the property is performing against your revenue targets.

Note: Once budget has been entered, it will take until the next optimisation to show for reporting.

Booking Curve & Breakdown

If you wish to look into more detail when it comes to where your business is coming from, you only need to click on a specific day, week, month or year (depending on your selection for the chart). This will then create a pop-up window showing you the booking curve, production by room type, channel production and segment production.
All figures are automatically compared to STLY and LY for an easy comparison.

The segments and channels will mirror your setup in the PMS. If you wish to have new reporting segmentation set up, FLYR supports this for Commercial Intelligence subscribers. Please reach out to your CSM or simply via the chat for more info.

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