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Welcome to the Strategic Analytics Explore!

What is included in this data set?

In the Strategic Analytics Explore, you'll access granular data directly from your property management system, including reservation-level details, crucial stay and booking dates, and comparative performance analysis across key indicators like Occupancy, ADR, Revenue, RevPAR and Profit, factoring in operating and channel costs.

What can I do with this data?

With this detailed reservation-level data, you can:

  • Optimize Revenue: Dive deep into channel costs, operating costs, pickup data, and booking curve information to fine-tune your revenue strategies, identify cost-effective channels, adjust pricing based on demand patterns, and target profitable markets.

  • Evaluate Ancillary Revenue: Examine ancillary revenue and products booked to maximize additional income streams.

  • Segment Analysis: Assess the buying power and preferences of various business segments. Tailor offerings, packages, and marketing strategies to specific segments for better results.

  • Contract Optimization: Leverage group, corporate, and contract production data to optimize sales strategies. Understand booking patterns related to these contracts and tailor RFP responses to maximize revenue potential.

  • Comparative Analysis: Conduct comparative analyses against other time periods and compare performance to the same period last year. Evaluate performance across all KPIs, including occupancy, units sold, ADR, revenue, RevPAR, and profit, while considering operating costs and channel costs.

How do I use this explore?

Now, let's watch one of our Customer Success Managers do a real-time demonstration of building out a visualisation in the Strategic Analytics Explore ⬇️


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