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How do I manage Automation?
How do I manage Automation?

Do you want to turn automation on for a property? Read on for more details on how to manage this feature.

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Are you considering moving your property to automation? Read on to find out why we think this is the optimal way to manage your prices.

Why use Automation?

We are strong believers in automation and see the best results with clients who trust us completely with their pricing. Here are a few of the reasons why we think you should consider it:

  • It will save you time - whether you are running a single property and look after more than just Revenues, or you oversee multiple sites, automating your pricing will certainly free up more time to focus on more strategic tasks at hand.

  • You will be better prepared further ahead - we update your data across all room types for the next 365 days hourly. With automation, you have the security that if you are in a meeting, after you log off for the day or while you are on holiday, any spike or drop in demand will be captured within an hour and your pricing will be updated to maximise your revenue opportunity.

  • You can manage by exception - focus only on the handful of dates where you want to be in full control of pricing and let the system take care of the rest. Find out more about managing your prices by exception from this article.

How do I activate it?

To manage the automation status of a property, reach out directly to the team. We will switch the status for you right away! (You can do this directly through the chat portal)

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