Freezing Prices on Automation

Freeze prices for nights you don't want Automation to update.

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With automation active for your property, your prices will always be updated to the recommended prices. This means that any changes in pickup will be swiftly reflected in the prices for those nights.

In some cases there may be nights where you want to set, or freeze, the current price and keep it there regardless of pickup.

This is where the Price Freeze feature comes in to play.

How the Price Freeze Works

Even with Price Freeze active for nights, you'll still be able to make manual updates the current prices. This will not deactivate the Price Freeze, as it always maintains the latest defined current price.

You can deactivate Price Freeze by selecting the impacted nights and inventories and clicking Unfreeze.

Activating Price Freeze For a Single Night

On the Actions Table, select a a specific night for an inventory, and the Quick View will open as normal.

The Price Freeze toggle is located next to the Current Price in the Price section on the Quick View.

Pressing the toggle will turn it blue, and activates Price Freeze for that night.

Closing the Quick View, and heading back to the Actions Table, you'll now see a blue border around the night which indicates that the Price Freeze is active.

Activating Price Freeze For Multiple Nights

You can also freeze the prices for multiple dates and/or inventories. To do so, simply make your selection from the Actions table and click Freeze:

Freezing Prices for Inventory Groups

Any Price Freezes active on an Inventory Group Base will affect the whole Inventory Group. You can see this by expanding the Inventory Group.

Not sure what an Inventory Group or an Inventory Group Base Price is?
Check it out here.

As always, please get in touch in case you have any further questions, or search our Helpdesk for more information.

NB: Making a Bulk Price Update will always override any active Price Freezes.

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