How to edit Price Deviations for Inventory Groups

Set and update price deviations within Inventory Groups

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Price Deviations are used to achieve the desired price supplement between inventories within an Inventory Group.Β 

You can edit the deviations within Inventory Groups in the Default Price Settings tab at any time. Check out more information on Inventory Groups here.

1. Open the Price Controls drawer from the Configuration Center

Click on the bottom-left cog wheel

2. Click on Inventory Settings

3. Expand the relevant Inventory Group

Expand an Inventory Group by clicking on the arrow to the left of the group to reveal any inventories within the Inventory Group.

This will also show the Price Deviations setup for the Inventories.

4. Edit the Price Deviations

Hover over the Price Deviation column for a specific Inventory within an Inventory Group and an outline for the field will appear.

You can edit both the value as well as the type of deviation (absolute i.e. currency value or percentage) for each child inventory.
Note: It is recommended to not setup any negative deviations, but instead build the other deviations up from the lowest one at 0.

4. Save the changes

Once you are happy with the updated Price Deviations, press Save & Process Changes in the bottom right of the drawer.

You will then be prompted to re-sync all current Prices. This will ensure that all of your changes are immediately implemented. As a best practice, we recommend to confirm this every time you make a change to a Group.

Please do get in touch with the team via the chat if you have any further questions, or would like advice on how best to setup your inventories.

For more details on managing your Inventory Groups, check out this article.

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