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Candlesticks on the Quick View
Candlesticks on the Quick View

Get the most out of your data on the Quick View

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Here at FLYR for Hospitality, we are all about ease of data access.

If you want to view the most granular data for each reserve night without having to download any reports, open up the Quick View by selecting a night on the Pricing Table.

How it works

The toggle in top right will allow you to switch between the latest prices to be shown on the blue price line as before using the left option:

And the right option will switch the price line out for the candlesticks feature:

This will display all of the ranges of price changes for each night as a candlestick.

Dragging one of the blue handles on the timeline underneath the graph will allow you to zoom in further on particular dates leading up to the night:

Each candlestick represents the highest and lowest price on that day as the "wicks" above and below the bar, which represents where the price opened and closed for the night.

Note: The opening price will always be the same as the previous day's closing price.

Please do get in touch with our team via the chat if you have any further questions! #Simple

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