An Introduction to Quick View

Get an overview of the performance of a particular room type for a specific date directly from the Pricing table

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If you want to get more details on the performance of a particular room type for a specific date directly from the Actions table, open up the Quick View by selecting the night in question from the Pricing Table.

Performance Data

In the top left you can find information on core metrics for the specific room type and day, compared to same time last year (STLY), as well as the % change vs. STLY.


Below the performance data, you have quick price controls. You can choose to update the current price to the optimal one suggested by the model, freeze the prices for that room type and date (if the property is already on automation), or override the current price with a custom one of your choice.
NB: To learn more about Price Freeze, check out our article here

The Booking Curve Explained

The graph to the right displays the evolution of price changes in correlation with the booking curve.

The pricing of a room type can be impacted by different price settings throughout its booking window. Whether you recently made changes to your Default minimum and maximum price settings, or want to see how an Event or a Seasonal price setting has affected the pricing for a certain room type, you can see this at a glance in the Quick View example graph below.

The blue line represents all historic price changes. Use the Candlesticks view to dive even deeper into the price changes on any given date in the booking window.

The green line shows the different maximum price settings that were in place on any given date in the past. Similarly, the red one reflects the minimum prices for your selected room type over time.

Note: the graph captures all Price Controls changes for at least 90 days before arrival.

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