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What is an Inventory Group Base Price?

An Inventory Group Base Price is the price that all of the Inventories within a Group are derived from.

In the example below, the Bunk Beds Inventory Group has a recommended Group Base Price of €38.00 for that particular night.

As a result of the Price Deviations setup, the Inventories within the Cabins Inventory therefore have prices derived from this Group Base Price. For example the 1st Inventory, the 12 Beds Dorm, has a recommended price of €38.00 + 5% = €39.90.

Accepting Inventory Group Base Prices

If you accept the optimum price for the Inventory Group Base, then this will also accept all optimum prices within that Inventory Group. This is because the Inventories within the Inventory Group are all linked to the Inventory Group Base Price with their respective price deviations.

Manually changing an Inventory Group Base Price

As well as accepting price recommendations for the Inventory Group Base Price, you can make manual price changes to the Inventory Group Base Price which will also update the prices for the whole Inventory Group.

You can do so for a single date through the Quick View, or for multiple dates using the Bulk Price Update.

Can I still update prices within an Inventory Group?

Yes, but all new price recommendations will be based on the Inventory Group Base Price, and not the manually changed price for that one inventory type.

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