Welcome to the Pricing tab!

Switch between the Rate Pricing, Occupancy and Pick Up pages for more details on the current pricing and performance of your property.

If this is your first time looking at the Pricing tab, you would need to first direct your attention to the info bar in the right top corner. One is available on each of the three pages and will help you understand the numbers and colouring on the screen.

Rate Pricing

Here you can easily see price recommendations if you are not on automation, freeze the prices for certain dates if you are on automation and manually push rates out from Pace by room type and date.

This page is where you would review the optimal price recommendations, compare them to current prices and accept price suggestions.

Not sure how to interact with the pricing recommendations? This article will help.

On the left-hand side, you will see your inventory (rooms/beds etc.). Above this list you can open the calendar to select the time period you want to explore. The default view is from today for the next 30 days, but you could switch to 3, 6, 9 or 12 months as default. You can of course also select a custom period you wish to look at.


The design of the Occupancy page will look very similar and is the next tab to the right.

You will see the Occupancy % and units left to sell for the specific date.

Here, you can check out the Occupancy % for each inventory type for each night in the selected time period. Similarly to the Rate Pricing page, you can click on a specific date/room type to open the "Quick View" and interact with the pricing and recommendations for it. More on how to read the Quick View here.

Pick Up

On this page you can track any bookings or cancellations from today, 1, 3, 7 or 14 days ago. Select this from the drop-down in order to load the page.

Same as the other two pages, you can open the Quick View window with a single click.


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