Creating new users and and managing existing ones is very straight-forward. You can do this directly in the app and there is no limit on the number of Admin or user accounts you can add.

Inviting a New User

Navigate to Team Management from the User icon in the top left corner of the page:

To invite new users to Pace, simply click the "+ Invite New User" button to the right of the page.

Then select their level of access:

  • Admin - grants access to all properties and can invite new users.

  • User - grants access only to the specified properties and cannot invite new users.

Once you send the invite the user will receive a welcome email and in a few short steps they now have access to Pace!

Managing Existing Users

Under 'Team Management', you also get a quick overview of everyone who has access to your company interface, their level of access and their last activity on the system, as well as a list of all deactivated users.

You can easily edit the level of access and the properties visible to a given user, or disable their access. To do so, navigate to the edit button to the right of the user email

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