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Welcome to the Rate Shop Tracking Explore!

🌟 Friendly Note 🌟 To enjoy this Explore, you'll need an active OTA Insight or HQ Revenue rate shopping account.

What is included in this data set?

Unlock the complete capabilities of the Rate Shop Tracking Explore with this comprehensive data set. It includes rate shop data from your third-party partner, covering rates for your property and competitors, as well as market demand data from the same partner. Additionally, you'll find on-the-books and pick-up data directly sourced from your property management system, providing a holistic view of your pricing and demand landscape.

What can I do with this data?

By combining rate shopping data from your rate shopping product with your property management system's bookings data, hotels can:

  1. Enhance Demand Forecasting: Accurately predict occupancy fluctuations

  2. Assess Price Elasticity: Optimize pricing for revenue and occupancy

  3. Benchmark Competitiveness: Compare rates and bookings with competitors

  4. Shape Demand Strategically: Stimulate bookings during low-demand periods

  5. Analyze Market Trends: Identify trends and seasonality for better planning

How do I use this Explore?

With your rate shopping integration ccomplete, you can now make the most of the Rate Shop Tracking Explore. Here's how to effectively use it:

Setting Up the Connection

If you have an OTA Insight or HQ Revenue rate shopping account, follow these steps to activate Rate Shop Tracking:

  1. Get in Touch: Reach out to your dedicated account manager or chat with our friendly support team. They're here to help you set up the connection smoothly.

  2. What We'll Provide: Once you reach out, you can expect to receive important details, including:

    • Integration ID

    • Start Date


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