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Welcome to the Price Monitoring Explore!

What is included in this data set?

This data set, from our Revenue Optimization product, simplifies pricing decisions. It provides pricing details with stay dates and inventory names, threshold monitoring for price discipline, configuration insights like price setting names, current max and min prices, optimum prices, change tracking, override analysis, and update timestamps for pricing changes.

What can I do with this data?

The Price Monitoring Explore empowers you to:

  1. Monitor Pricing Discipline: Keep pricing in check by identifying thresholds breaches and maintaining pricing discipline

  2. Optimize Pricing Configuration: Gain valuable insights into your pricing configurations and make adjustments as needed

  3. Track Pricing Changes: Easily compare the latest prices with their previous values to track adjustments over time

  4. Analyze Manual Overrides: Understand when manual pricing overrides occur and their impact on your pricing strategy

  5. Stay Informed: Stay up-to-date with pricing updates and their timestamps

How do I use this Explore?

To maximize the benefits of the Price Monitoring Explore:

  • For threshold monitoring and tracking pricing changes, apply relevant filters and measures to create informative visuals.

  • For analyzing manual overrides, set up dimensions and filters to view instances and their percentage in your pricing strategy.

With this comprehensive dataset, you're equipped to make informed pricing decisions and optimize your revenue management effectively.


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