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How to use the Portfolio Dashboard
How to use the Portfolio Dashboard
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Although it is well known that the Portfolio Dashboard is the first thing you will see when logging on to the FLYR for Hospitality platform, there may still be a few surprises for you in terms of its' full potential!

In our introductory article "How to read the Portfolio Dashboard" we get some excellent insight into the general key aspects of the Portfolio Dashboard, however there is further value to be unlocked and possibly incorporate into your day-to-day. This article will guide you on how to do so with regards to Filters, Core KPI Breakdown, Pick-Up Overview and Price Updates

Filtering Your Properties

By clicking on the filter next to the currency menu in the top right hand of the page, you are able to add additional filters for your properties based on Country, Brand, Area or PMS. By choosing a label in one of those dropdown menu's, the metrics shown in the main Portfolio dashboard will adapt to show only the properties that are relevant.

Core KPI Breakdown: Room Type Mix, Channel Mix and Segmentation

Making use of the interactive nature of this feature, you can for example, click on a specific month or even custom period, isolate key data and at a quick glance, analyse your room type mix by KPI (e.g. Revenue, Volume or ADR) , channel mix by KPI as well as your segments defined in the PMS. This is separate to your Segmentation which appears in Insights (Read our article on Segmentation to better understand this feature)

This becomes particularly useful in a 3-month period (past, present & future) to see how your previous month performed, how your current month is performing and how next month if performing in terms of your various room types, channel mix and segmentation.

Pick-up Overview

The pick-up breakdown is an excellent way to see, at a quick glance, how your property or group is "picking up" or "washing" bookings over the course of a specific period and to see even further detail into this, move over to the Pricing screen and go to "Pick-up" to see a calendar view of the same data.

*If you find particular value in the above but want to dive into much more detail (as most of us do) then take some time to go through your Insights dashboards of which there are currently 4 options for Pick-up to choose from and can be viewed at any time as well as scheduled via email on a daily, weekly or even hourly basis.

If you are not yet subscribed to this exciting and widely used feature and want to know more, reach out to our capable Customer Success Team in the chat about Insights today! πŸ“Š

Price Updates

Price updates are an excellent way to get a clear picture at quick glance, of the frequency of updating prices for your properties and the explorative nature of the algorithm. This of course, is most prevalent when on Automation πŸš€

If your property is not yet on Automation and you would like to explore or test this opportunity, please reach out to our awesome Customer Success Team via the chat!

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