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Managing Your Segmentation in FLYR for Hospitality
Managing Your Segmentation in FLYR for Hospitality
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Once you have gone through your onboarding and are starting to become more au fait with the platform as each day passes, we highly recommend setting up and making use of our Segmentation feature.

Segmentation is a great way to categorise or "segment" the business sources unique to your property/group and report on the production of these segments at a more granular level.

Real World Example: Your hotel may be located near one or more national embassies and might get a fair amount of contracted, government related business. If you have rate plans specific to these bookings, you would simply create a new segment ("Gov") and attach this new segment you created, to the appropriate rate plans.

The below outlines the simplistic step-by-step of how you would go about this along with an example of how you can then leverage the data visualisations within Insights to analyse this data at a granular level, in real-time.

Some other common segment examples include but are by no means limited to:

  • Corporate

  • Leisure

  • Groups

  • MICE

  • Direct

  • OTA

As mentioned, the segmentation data becomes of most value when you have a Commercial Intelligence subscription πŸ“Š (please reach out to our Customer Success team via the chat to find out more) whereby visualisations and key data around your segmentation now becomes readily available:

If you have any outstanding questions that we might be able to assist with, please do find us in the chat so that we can assist!

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