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PMS & FLYR Data Discrepancy
PMS & FLYR Data Discrepancy
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Our API & Metrics team have done an incredible job of establishing strong, stable connections with the best Property Management Systems in the world to ensure data integrity and accuracy wherever possible, however there may come a time whereby you notice that certain numbers between the PMS & for example, your Occupancy calendar view in Flyr might not match exactly on certain dates.

Or perhaps your Pick-up details don't seem quite right as you know that very recently you received quite a large booking for next month which doesn't seem to be represented in Flyr at the time.

This can be due to any number of reasons and it is important to first understand how we calculate various KPI's, which you can find here however the most common cause and key aspect to mention is that the data reflected in Flyr, updates hourly and the data simply needs to update over the next coming cycle as well as the fact that we display our data, by default, in NET at all times.

This means that if perhaps you are looking at a report in Gross and see a mismatch in Flyr, that it is very likely the reason for this parity at a glance.

However, in the very rare case that something seems to be clearly amiss with any data points, we highly suggest you reach out to our capable Customer Success Team via the chat in App so that they can assist and form a swift solution to the matter!

Best Practice for troubleshooting with our team πŸ™Œ

The best way to reach out to our team, as mentioned, is through the chat πŸ’¬ in your top right hand corner of the platform. This ensures that you get the full benefit of our entire team, one of which will assist as soon as they are able to.

What they need: Please be sure to mention the exact property name and as much additional information as possible around the two pieces of data which are not aligned. Screenshots and daily revenue reports are very much welcome as there is a high likelihood of them being requested, so having this already will ultimately speed up the process.

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