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Creating a new Restriction
Creating a new Restriction

Learn where and how to create a new Restriction in Flyr Hospitality

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To create a restriction in Flyr, you can make use of the Add new button in the top right corner:

This will take you to a screen where you can create a new restriction:

Flyr currently supports three different restriction types with two possible options.

Restriction Types:

  1. Closed to Stay

  2. Closed to Arrival

  3. Closed to Departure

Restriction Options (can be applied to each chosen restriction type):

  • Minimum Length of Stay

  • Maximum Length of Stay

If you don't choose any Minimum or Maximum Length of Stay, Flyr concludes that you want to close this particular night for sale.

Finally, choose which rate plans and inventories you'd like to apply the restriction to. You can select multiple inventories and rate plans at once. But make sure to double-check that you've selected all the right ones.

Hit Save and you're done πŸš€ You will now see your restriction on the timeline!

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