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Why Should Your Classify Rate Plans for Inventory Optimization and How?
Why Should Your Classify Rate Plans for Inventory Optimization and How?

Understand the different restrictions classifications available and how FLYR uses these.

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To facilitate the creation of restrictions, but also for us to understand which rates can be restricted and which ones need to yield the same as the base rate, we have introduced the following restriction classification which can be assigned to each rate plan:

  • Base Rate Parity

  • Yieldable

  • Non-Yieldable

The below provides an overview of each classification, how they impact your manual controls of restrictions, and how they are utilised by our optimization engine.

Base Rate Parity

All rate plans in the Base Rate Parity group mirror the behavior of your Base Rate. When the Base Rate has a restriction, the same restriction is applied to all rate plans classified under Base Rate Parity. This approach simplifies the management of rates within this group, as all rate plans will either be open or restricted simultaneously. For example, contracted Last Room Availability (LRA) rate plans are included in this group.


Rate plans classified as Yieldable can be restricted individually or collectively using one or multiple restrictions. Examples include contracted Non-Last Room Availability (NLRA) rate plans, specific package rate plans, and early bird promotion rate plans.


Rate plans classified as Non-Yieldable can still be restricted when needed, although it is less common. These rate plans are not subject to changes in property revenue strategy, and their bookings cannot be rejected. Examples include corporate contracts, tour operator allotments, or rate plans created specifically for groups.

How to classify rate plans?

To guarantee that FLYR has a correct understanding of how to yield your rate plans, it is important that you always ensure that the rate plans have the correct restrictions classification in place. By default, all newly imported rate plans are marked as "Not set". You will have to manually classify these rate plans in FLYR. This can be found on the Rate Plans screen from the Settings section.

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