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How does Pace treat 'House Use' rooms?
How does Pace treat 'House Use' rooms?

Wondering how we account for rooms flagged as House Use? Read on for more details.

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The House Use room status can cover a multitude of cases. From staff members taking up the room only for a couple of hours for a meeting, to a complimentary stay spanning a few days, we see different patterns of using this status across properties and different customers.

So do House Use rooms impact my KPIs?

In order to account for the unique use cases of the status and to differentiate it from Complimentary and OOO, we do not deduct House Use rooms from the physical capacity of a property.

If you tend to use House Use for complimentary stays, we recommend to block the room under a dedicated rate code instead.

Want to know more about how we calculate your core KPIs?

This article expands on the topic. As always, let us know in case you have any questions.

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