Group Displacement Analysis

Use Flyrs' Forecasts to see how much revenue a group booking will displace and generate.

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FLYR for Hospitality's Group Displacement Tool complements our world-leading algorithm and real-time automation of your property’s dynamic pricing.

While FLYR takes care of your transient pricing, we acknowledge that there are many other areas where you can maximise your revenue - managing groups more intelligently is one of them.

How it works

1. Select check-in and check-out dates for the group booking

Simply choose the dates that the group wish to stay at your property and press the Next button.

2. Select the requested inventory types

Next, select the inventory types needed to accommodate the group booking from the dropdown.

You can add multiple inventory types by pressing Add Inventory Types.

Input the number of units the booking requires per inventory type for each of the room nights.

You'll be shown an indication of how many units you currently still have left to sell per category and on a property level.

Once you are happy with the units selected, and there are no over-bookings - press Next.

3. Configure tax settings for your property

If you haven't set up your Property's Tax Setting already, you can do this by pressing on the Settings icon in the top right of the Group Displacement Tool.

This will open a drawer where you can enter the tax setting required to convert your gross rates to net. This is necessary for properties with tax rules, as the displacement analysis is run against Net Revenues.

Press Save  to continue to the Analysis Results.

4. Input gross rates for each inventory type and night

You'll now see the Displacement Analysis Results where you can see an overview of the requested units, the current minimum price for the selected unit type(s), along with the resulting Displaced Revenue if you were to accept this group booking.

By adjusting the Gross Rates you can easily see the Incremental Revenue to help you with your decision to accept or reject this group booking. 

If you want to dig into the forecasts and displacement further then simply press on View Displacement Details  in the bottom right - and a drawer will open more granular data such as the Forecasted Transient Units per inventory type.

You can also export and share these Displacement details by exporting the data with the Export Displacement Details button in the bottom right of the drawer.


Why is FLYR for Hospitality Recommending 0 as a Price?

We currently don't provide price recommendations. Instead, we only run the displacement analysis which provides you with an understanding, if the enquiring group would actually displace any Transient Business. If there is a displacement, you will see this in the Displaced Transient Net Revenue row highlighted in RED. You can then change the prices for each inventory type by night to see how you can balance the displaced revenue.

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