We covered managing your price settings in more detail in this article. This post will focus on the differences between Default, Seasonal and Event price settings.

What are the different types of price settings?

  • Default Price Settings
    The minimum & maximum price for each of your inventory types for each day of the week (you can specify different min/max prices for a Tuesday vs a Friday).

  • Seasonal Price Settings
    Create an additional set of seasonal price settings to accommodate for any seasonal pricing strategies.

  • Event Price Settings
    For high-demand events where you have a very specific pricing strategy in mind, use the Event price settings.

What is the hierarchy of price settings?

Let's say you have an instance where all 3 types of price settings overlap:

In the example above, the hierarchy is as follows:

  • The Easter Event price settings will override both the Spring and Default price settings for the duration of the Event.

  • The Spring Season price settings will override the Default price settings for the duration of the Season, and will not apply to dates that overlap with the Easter Event.

  • The Default price settings will not apply throughout the duration of the Spring and Easter price settings. Any dates without Seasonal or Event price settings will follow the Default price settings.

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