Getting your segmentation right is crucial for maximising opportunities across different revenue streams. Whether you are just starting to monitor this for your property, or you recently updated your segment categories, sometimes you may see 'Unknown' come up in the Property page:

Segmentation in Pace

The segment categories you see in the Property page always mirror the ones set up in your PMS. With every run of the system, a part of the information we collect for each booking is its assigned segment.

If this was not defined in your PMS for a new reservation, the Occupancy and Revenue associated with it will be listed under 'Unknown'.

New to segmentation?

If you want to track this but aren't sure where to start, we would recommend to reach out to your PMS since they will be best positioned to help you set up your segmentation.

As soon this is set up you will start seeing the data flow through to your Property page and all other relevant reporting!

Of course we are always happy to chat on the topic, so let us know if we can help.

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