Why do we classify Rate Plans?

We covered the logic behind Rate Plan classification in detail in this article. The next few paragraphs will give you more details on how to navigate the Rate Plans page, as well as a few tips for the most efficient use of it.

Where do I find the Rate Plans page?

Navigate to the Actions Page and select the little ⚙️ icon in the top right corner of the table to open the Strategic Controls.

The third tab is Rate Plans.

How to read the Rate Plans page

Here you will see a list of all the rates for this property, both public and private.

  • Parent Rate Plan - if a rate code is derived from another, this column will show you the name of the original, or the "parent" rate code.

  • Rate Plan Classification - Here you can see how your rate plans are classified. For more details on the different categories, read on here.

  • Base Rate Plan for Inventory Type - this column will show you which is your Base Rate Plan (the rate we optimise in Pace) for each inventory.

Tips and Best Practices

N.B. Any newly imported rate plans are set to Unclassified by default. Until you classify them, any bookings under them will be treated as Miscellaneous.

  • If you recently created a number of new rate plans of the same type, use the tick boxes to the left to select multiple rates and classify them together:

  • If you selected one in the list by mistake, you can always undo the changes you made before saving them from the Undo All Changes button in the bottom right:

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