Price Rounding is a setting which allows you to decide on how your rate recommendations will display. Depending on the currency you work with decimals or lower numbers might be less relevant, which is why we have provided 4 different options: 

  1. Dynamic: Rounds prices to three figures
    £1,578.57 becomes 1,580,00

  2. Round Number: Rounds up all decimals
    £1,578.57 become 1,579,00

  3. First Decimal: Rounds up the first decimal:
    £1,578.57 becomes 1,578,60

  4. None: No rounding
    £1,578.57 remains 1,578.57

How to Set Up Price Rounding

  1. Navigate to the Actions Page

  2. Select the little ⚙️ icon in the top right corner

  3. Stay on the Inventory Setup page. To the far right of the screen you will see the Price Rounding column.

  4. Update the Price Rounding settings by selecting your preferred option from the drop-down list.

  5. Once you are ready with the updates, don't forget to save your work. Click on the Save & Process Changes button.

You will then be prompted to resync all current rates. This will ensure that all of your changes are immediately implemented. As a best practice, we recommend to confirm this every time you make a change to your Inventory Setup.

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