What is the Property Dashboard?

The property dashboard is the first page you see when logging in to Pace.
Here you can quickly establish how your property is performing in terms of Revenue, Occupancy, RevPar and ADR.

All displayed figures are true as of the last data update (refreshed once every hour). All revenue-related metrics are based on the Net accommodation revenues.

Monthly Indicators

The stacked cards to the left display the property's monthly figures, and how they compare in percentage to the Same Time Last Year (STLY) figures, and to the month end figures from the previous year.

Monthly & Daily Overview

Use the bars in the main chart to navigate between months, or dates.

You can always toggle between the 'Month' and 'Day' view by selecting either from the button above the main chart to the right. Whenever you update your selection, you will see all other cards and graphs update accordingly.

This graph allows you to easily compare the results in terms of Revenue, Occupancy, RevPar and ADR against Last Year and STLY as well as against forecast.

Add Your Budget

You can also add your own revenue budget to the main chart so you can track at a glance how the property is performing agains your targets.

Note: you can add the budget figures for up to the next 2 years.

Segmentation & Distribution

The chart in the bottom left enables you to track your key KPIs, split by Segment or Distribution channel. Similarly to the chart above, you can easily compare current performance to STLY and LY.

You can switch to a different KPI from the drop-down in the top right. The naming of your client segments and channels will mirror your set up in the PMS.

The Booking Curve

The Booking curve to the right will show you how bookings evolved over time for your selected date or month. By default, the graph is set to Occupancy, but you can easily switch between metrics from the drop-down to the top right.

Here you can track how confirmed bookings evolved, split by client segment. If you wish to update the order in which the Segments appear, you can do so from the Settings tab.

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