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Mews Availability Block (Group + Allotment) Revenue
Mews Availability Block (Group + Allotment) Revenue
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As the hospitality industry evolves, so does the need for more nuanced and comprehensive data management tools. At FLYR for Hospitality, we understand the importance of having detailed and accurate reporting at your fingertips. That's why we're excited to introduce an enhanced integration with Mews' Availability Blocks feature, aiming to provide a more complete and actionable view of your property's performance.

🗓 Understanding Mews' Availability Blocks

Mews' Availability Blocks are designed to manage grouped inventory efficiently, providing a structured approach to handling reservations for large groups, agencies, or long-term partners. It includes:

  • Group Blocks: These are essential for reserving a specific number of rooms for corporate clients or travel agencies over a designated period.

  • Allotments: Suited for recurring reservations or long-term agreements, allotments leverage a rolling release date feature to dynamically manage inventory.

🔗 Links to Mews documentation of Availability Blocks:

🧑‍💼 Group Management with FLYR for Hospitality

In FLYR, our approach to group reservations is finely tuned to provide clarity and precision, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of your group data:

  • Group Statuses: Reservations are systematically categorized into the following statuses within Insights, based on their deduction configuration in Mews:

    • Deduct Status: Group blocks which deduct availability and contribute directly to revenue and occupancy, impacting the property's operational metrics.

    • Non-Deduct Status: Group blocks which don't affect available inventory or revenue until confirmed, allowing properties to reserve space tentatively.

    • Canceled Status: Group blocks which have been cancelled and don't continue to impact availability or revenue projections.

  • Placeholder Reservations within FLYR for Hospitality:

    • Accurate Representation: We generate placeholder reservations for each availability block, ensuring that every potential booking is accounted for in your data, offering a complete view of your inventory.

    • Dynamic Updates: Our system promptly updates the status of placeholder bookings as reservations are confirmed or canceled, maintaining the accuracy of your occupancy, availability and revenue data.

    • Configuration Sensitivity: The creation of placeholder reservations is tied to the rate and inventory setup within Mews. Placeholder reservation revenue is derived from the base rate and inventory for each availability block, with reservation details dynamically adjusting in response to any modifications to this base rate and/or the block inventory. The availability block revenue is comprised of the revenue from these placeholder bookings as well as from the reservations that have been picked up.

⚠️ Limitations of our Current Integration

While Mews provides insightful inventory metrics, it historically lacked in integrating revenue data from availability blocks into its API. Consequently, FLYR has been limited to incorporating only the unit count from Mews' availability blocks, resulting in a fragmented view of your property’s performance.

🚀 Our Solution: A Leap Towards Enhanced Data Integration

Addressing this challenge head-on, we are enhancing our data integration to include both unit count and revenue data from Mews' Availability Blocks. This development promises a holistic view of your property's group performance, empowering you with:

  • Comprehensive Insights: Unveiling a deeper understanding of your property's performance by integrating intricate revenue data.

  • Strategic Decision-Making: Elevating your ability to strategize and optimize revenue management tactics based on a complete dataset.

  • Enhanced Property Performance: Propelling your property towards peak performance by providing a thorough and actionable view of all metrics.

ℹ️ Important Note on Data Verification:

As we move forward with this enhancement, we want to highlight the current lack of a direct report in Mews for independent revenue data verification. While we remain committed to precisely mirroring the data accessible through the Mews API, should you wish to cross-verify the data, this will require a manual comparison of the revenue figures (derived off a block’s base rate) for specific blocks in Mews against those shown in Insights.

🌟 In Closing

This enhancement reflects our dedication to offering a robust, data-driven platform to support your success. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out through our chat support. Your trust in FLYR is highly valued, and we're committed to continually improving our data integration to serve your needs better.

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