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Forecast Evolution Explore
Forecast Evolution Explore

This article breaks down the Forecast Evolution Explore within the Data Explorer

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Welcome to the Forecast Evolution Explore!

What is included in this data set?

The Forecast Evolution Explore is a comprehensive data set designed to enhance forecast accuracy by enabling an evolution analysis of property-level monthly forecasts. The Explore includes:

  • Visual Forecast Tracking: Tools to visually compare forecast evolution, allowing users to see how forecasts align with actual outcomes over time.

  • User and System Forecast Comparisons: Capabilities to compare user forecasts, system forecasts, and actualized data across different properties and stay months.

  • Segmentation Analysis Support: Accuracy analysis for key performance metrics at both the overall and segment levels, focusing on local currencies.

This data set is geared towards improving the operational efficiency and strategic decision-making capabilities of hotel-level managers and enterprise executives by providing them with more intuitive and powerful forecasting tools.

What can I do with this data?

Leveraging the Forecast Evolution Explore, users can achieve several critical objectives:

  • Enhance Forecast Accuracy: Leverage advanced forecasting tools and metrics to refine the accuracy of forecasts across different properties and forecast months.

  • In-depth Analysis: Perform comprehensive comparisons and segmentation analyses to understand forecast accuracy at an intricate level, across all KPIs.

  • Strategic Planning: Support strategic planning at the property level through accurate overall revenue predictions and forecast validation.

How do I use this explore?

Check out these articles for more information on the data available and how to use this to maximize actionable insights:

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