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Internal Data Set Sync Frequencies
Internal Data Set Sync Frequencies

Understand the scheduling of data refreshes from the platform into Insights

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At FLYR for Hospitality, we prioritize providing our users with the most accurate and up-to-date information, understanding the critical role it plays in informed decision-making. Our approach to data updates is specifically designed for the swift and secure integration of platform-generated data into Insights, highlighting our commitment to handling the complexity and volume of our internal data sets.

Our Data Update Approach

We are dedicated to delivering platform-specific data updates as quickly and safely as possible, adjusting our processes to accommodate the unique characteristics of each data set. Here’s how we manage updates for different types of internal data:

  • Data Enrichment (Configuration): Enhancements for Property, Channel, and Company information, all sourced directly from our platform, are updated in Insights within 1 minute. This ensures you have immediate access to the latest configuration data.

  • Forecast & Budget (Planning): Forecast and Budget data, solely generated within our platform for all properties, are updated in Insights within 5 minutes. This rapid update supports your financial planning with timely and accurate data.

Hourly Updates for Complex Data Sets

Some platform-originated data sets require more time due to their complexity and the volume of information processed. These are updated on an hourly basis:

  • Rate Plans and Segments (Configuration): Managing rate plans and segments data, a process intrinsic to our platform, necessitates hourly updates to ensure data accuracy and system reliability.

  • Price Monitoring (Pricing): In a similar vein, price monitoring updates—sourced entirely from our internal pricing mechanisms—are processed hourly. This schedule optimally manages the large volumes of data, maintaining current information without sacrificing system performance.

Commitment to Transparency and Efficiency

Our update processes are designed with transparency in mind, specifically tailored to navigate Insights efficiently with a focus on platform-derived data. Recognizing the importance of accessing current and precise information, we adapt our update schedules to offer the best balance between speed and system integrity. Whether updates occur within a minute, 5 minutes, or hourly for complex data sets, our goal is to provide you with the necessary information as swiftly and securely as possible.


This breakdown is aimed at clarifying our timelines for updating internal data and the rationale behind them. Our unwavering dedication to delivering accurate, timely data is guided by a continuous search for improvements to benefit our users. Should you need more information or assistance, our Customer Success team is always ready to help.

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