We understand and appreciate that you had the choice between Pace and a number of our awesome competitors and we are thrilled that you saw a glimpse of what makes us special, however we would like to use this platform to really drill down into just what sets Pace apart!

Micro-Targeted Pricing

The past and future of pricing in Strategic Revenue Management can be seen from left to right in the above outline. Our CEO, Jens Munch has really expanded on this in spectacular fashion here however one of the core, beneficial differences to be aware of is that through micro-targeted pricing, your inventories are looked at completely independently from one another.

This lets Pace price your property at a room type/inventory level. As each room type carries its' own demand and patterns, we believe they should be priced as such.

Pace Analytics

There is a growing friction point within commercial and general hotel teams at present and that is the issue of data analytics and presentation. More often than not, you may find yourself opening and closing different Power BI, Tableau and of course, Excel reports to find the data you are looking for and this data is very rarely live feeding from your PMS to ensure it's accuracy & recency.

Pace Analytics solves this problem through sophisticated development wrapped up in a stunning, user-friendly UI (User Interface) similarly to that of the latest iPhone.

Daily pick-up reports scheduled and sent to your team at 6am each morning? No problem!

Need to prepare source market, channel production and length of stay trends for a Revenue x Sales x Marketing meeting? Please, give us a challenge!

Simple and easy to analyse visualisations, just like the below are beautifully prepared into detailed dashboards for quick analysis

Want to find out more about Pace Analytics? Reach out to our capable Customer Success Team through the chat and they will happily assist you with more information!

Perpetual Development & New Features

Although we are very proud with what has been built up to this point, the goal of the Pace platform is to consistently improve and evolve over time and we are constantly working on new features, general updates (some, you might notice right away and others more so in the background) and listening closely to our customers to see where we can add the most value to their daily lives.

With that being said, always remember to keep a keen eye out for any new and shiny additions to Pace!

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