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Restrictions Management in Flyr
Restrictions Management in Flyr

Understand how Restrictions can be managed from Flyr Hospitality in your PMS

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With the addition of the restrictions page in Flyr Hospitality, users have now the possibility to manage their restrictions directly from our platform. This comes with a set of advantages - but also some considerations to make. This article should help you understand what restrictions can be set via Flyr and how the PMS and Flyr work together.

In this article, you will learn about:

Where to find Restrictions in Flyr Hospitality

You can find our Restrictions page in the side bar, on the left-hand side. Simply click on Restrictions and you will be taken to the Restrictions Page.

As Restrictions management is a PMS dependent feature you might find on this page a message stating that Restrictions is not available for your PMS yet. In this case, rest assured that we are working hard to bringing this feature to you. And if you have more questions, reach out to our Success team for more details.

Available Restriction Types in Flyr Hospitality

Flyr currently supports three different restriction types with two possible options.

Restriction Types:

  1. Closed to Stay

  2. Closed to Arrival

  3. Closed to Departure

Restriction Options (can be applied to each chosen restriction type):

  • Minimum Length of Stay

  • Maximum Length of Stay

We are planning to support more restriction types and options in the future and are always keen to hear your input and feedback. So, please reach out in case you have any suggestions.

What happens when you change a restriction in the PMS

When it comes to restrictions, all of our integrations with PMSs are one-directional. Meaning, you can create and manage restrictions directly from Flyr. But there won't be a way for Flyr to know:

  • Which restrictions are currently in your PMS once you launch restrictions management for the first time in Flyr.

  • If you made any edits to a restriction in the PMS which was originally created in Flyr.

This means that it is important for you to make the decision to manage the majority of your restrictions in Flyr directly so you can make full use of Flyr Hospitalities' restriction capabilities & management features.

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