Are there different ways of calculating RevPAR?

The short answer is - Yes. One can calculate this on the basis of the officially registered amount of units (sometimes referred to as Gross inventory) or the amount of units actually available, e.g. excluding OOO rooms (Net Inventory). Further to this, statuses such as ‘House Use’, ‘Optional’ and ‘Prospect’ along with reservations i.e. ‘Complimentary’ may be included in some reports and in others not. And by the way, based on rooms or beds?

The Pace Approach

To give the most accurate picture of your availability and performance for each individual day, we work off the smallest yieldable unit - either beds or rooms, depending on your setup.

Here is our approach in summary:

Available Inventory = Total Units – OOO Units

Occupancy % = (Units Sold + Complimentary Units) / Available Inventory x 100

ADR = Total Units Revenue / (Units Sold + Complimentary Units)

RevPAR = Total Units Revenue / Available Inventory

NB: The revenue figures throughout Pace are based on Net Accommodation Revenue, unless you have Pace Analytics Explore, which allows you to report on Gross Revenues, Product Revenues and Total Revenues.

Making More of your Data

Interested in seeing the numbers behind the Property Dashboard charts? This is how to export your core KPI data.

For a deeper dive, ask our support team about Pace Analytics.

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