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Accepting Price Recommendations

What is the easiest way to accept the Price recommendations in the actions table?

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Here at FLYR for Hospitality, we are all about action first and thus, we have designed the most efficient ways for you to interact with price recommendations and change multiple prices at any given time.

Navigate to the Optimization using the menu on the left of your screen to access the page. The default view is from today for the next month, but you can easily switch to view the next 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. You can of course also select a custom period you wish to look at.

NB: This means that you could update all your prices for 365 days out with one click!
Below we outline all the different ways to update your prices.

Single-Price Updates Through the Quick View

It is possible to update the price for a specific inventory type and date individually. To do this, click on a single price recommendation to open the Quick View, more details in this article.

In the footer, you can see the price recommendations, namely the AI Price and the Influenced Price, and your current price. You can either accept the recommended price, or input your own selection. For more details on the AI Price, the Influenced Price and how you can influence the pricing strategy, check out this article.

Once you click on Apply, the price will be pushed through to your PMS within a few seconds.

Multiple Price Updates

Once you get more comfortable with the system, you will probably want to accept the suggested prices for multiple dates and inventory types at a time. There are 3 options available for you:

  1. Date - Click on a specific date and let go of the selector.

  2. Inventory - Selecting one specific inventory, you can accept all recommendations for that inventory, for all dates in the visible date range (which you can adjust from the calendar in the top left corner).

  3. Dates & Inventories - You can select multiple dates or inventory types to accept the respective price recommendations.

The footer will now be displayed and you can choose to apply the AI Price if you are on automation or, if you are on manual, either the AI Price or the Influenced AI Price. For more details on the AI Price and the Influenced Price, check out this article.

Do you want to know more about Inventory Group pricing and tips on how to manage it? Read on in this article.

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