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How does Pace treat Shared Inventories?
How does Pace treat Shared Inventories?

If your set up involves any Shared Inventory spaces, read on to find out how we price for them.

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What is a Shared Inventory?

A Shared Inventory is a virtual space in a property made up of other units that can also be sold independently. It could be a Junior Suite made up of two adjoining Superior Rooms, or a Private Family Room in a hybrid property that comprises of 4 beds that can also be offered separately.

Does Pace price Shared Inventories?

Since Shared Inventories are in essence virtual rooms, including them in our reporting and pricing would lead to inconsistencies.

So in the case of a shared inventory we always price the spaces it includes.

Let's take the example of the Junior Suite above. If it is only available as a combination of two adjoining Superior Rooms it won't be visible in the Actions page. We will price the Superior Rooms and you can then set up the relation between the price of the superior and that of the Junior Suite directly in your PMS.

Do you have a specific example from your property that you would like to discuss? Drop us a message so we can discuss your particular set up.

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