There's a myriad of reasons why you might want or need to close a property throughout the year: staff vacations, reforms, low demand, to name a few. When doing so, it's crucial that Pace is updated so that these periods are accurately interpreted by our forecast and pricing engine.

There's a simple way of indicating Property Closure within Pace so you can easily establish a date range where you'll be closed: by creating a Property Closure event in the app settings.

  • Navigate to the app settings and click on Price Settings

  • On the bottom right, click on "Create New"

  • Select the red "Property Closure" type from the drop-down

  • Enter the date ranges where the house closure will be in effect

  • Click "Save".

You will now see an indicator both in the Price Settings calendar as well as the Pricing Page.

Any periods flagged as closed won't be taken into consideration for pricing recommendations or forecasts.

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