When launching Pace Analytics you will notice a navigation bar on the left which contains a section called Dashboards. Within this section you can find a list of dashboards you can click and navigate to. They have been built by our internal Revenue Management Team and should empower you to run some key analyses very conveniently.

This list will grow continuously, but here some examples of some helpful reports:

Group Performance

This dashboard gives you a quick overview of how your group of properties is performing on aggregate. All revenues are baselined by default on EUR but you can choose any currency to baseline them on. You will be able to quickly analyse your Revenue, ADR and Volume performance.

Pick-up Overview

This dashboard breaks down your pick-up into multiple buckets to help you analyse what your pick-up trend looks like over the past 12 weeks and for which future months you've been picking up most in the past 7 days.

Critical Price Settings

This dashboard gives you an overview over all your prices for future nights which are currently conflicting with the min/max price you defined for your properties. In case your property is running on Automation, this dashboard also indicates for which future nights you currently have active price freezes.

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