Pace Analytics was created to help our customers easily run custom data analyses, automate daily reporting of relevant KPIs and much more.

You can find Pace Analytics in Pace's Navigation Bar at the top. Simply click on it to navigate to your new (and favourite) reporting hub!

Once you navigated to our Analytics Page, you will quickly notice a navigation bar on the left which is separated into three sections:

  1. Pace Dashboards

  2. My Folders

  3. Explores

While Pace Dashboards are pre-defined collections of graphs & metrics we created for you, Explores allow you to dig into your data independently and build out your own analyses and dashboards as you need them.

Once you have created your own analyses and dashboards, you are able to save them to your Personal folder in the My Folders section. There is a sub-section here labelled Shared folder which allows you to share a custom dashboard/set of dashboards with your team who are using Pace Analytics.

Browse through the other articles in the Pace Analytics Helpdesk collection to find out more about what's possible.

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