What is it?

The Calendar provides an overview of your Seasonal and Events price settings, as well as any general notes for specific dates.

What can I use the Calendar for?

You can use the Calendar page in two ways:

  • As an alternative view to the Price Controls tab in the Actions page to edit or create new Seasonal or Events price settings.

  • To add general notes for specific dates, e.g. to help remind yourself of notable public events, big guest groups or important internal meetings.

Managing price settings through the Calendar

Creating or editing an event through the Calendar page works in the same way as in the Price Controls tab.

Creating Price Settings

Duplicating Price Settings

Editing Price Settings

Adding Notes

If you simply want to add a note for a specific date without changing the underlying pricing strategy, simply select Note as the Calendar Entry Type. Once saved, your Note will be visible at the Actions page along with any active Seasonal or Event Price settings.

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